Monday, September 19, 2016

The Kay Wilson Conundrum (audio podcast)

Reflections on Kay Wilson's messianic past, her refusal to admit her documented missionary associations, and what this refusal might say about her current beliefs and attitude. The most troublesome aspect of this whole mess is that mainstream "hasbara" organisations gave Wilson an entry pass into the world of Israeli advocacy without ever properly addressing these troubling issues with her, nor has Wilson given any indication that she engaged in proper Torah repentance. On the contrary. She continues to deny the allegations. and yet I have never heard of her suing any of these messianic organizations for tarring her name in print. The Jewish people have a right to know the truth.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Confrontation" Revisited: Rav Soloveitchik's Classic Treatise

In these trying times when ignorant, unlearned, and unprincipled Jewish "leaders" align with evangelical missionaries for their purported support of Israel, it behooves decent Jews to revisit Rav Soloveitchik's classic works on interfaith dialogue. What we are saying today reflects the vacuum of Jewish leadership of our times. Not only are those engaged in these dangerous relationships violating the most basic aspects of the Rav's position, but most of them are frighteningly ignorant (and largely disinterested) of the issues involved. Dark times indeed.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

LAVI Exposed

Why is LAVI, a Jewish "indigenous rights" movement, a dangerous organization?
  1. Among other things, LAVI is involved in defending Israel based upon our supposed Jewish indigenous rights (premised on bad history and science, and irrelevant to the thinking person) and see this as a viable means of defending our Jewish connection to Israel. As such, LAVI de-emphasizes the Divine claim, which represents our only true claim to the land. For further information on the foolishness of Jewish indigenous rights activists, check out the following articles where I elaborate on this issue:
  2. Unlike other pro-Israel groups which seek to deny indigenous status to Arabs in Israel based upon their selective interpretation of the term, LAVI grants this identity to Arabs and based upon this, see them as "partners" for peace. It matters little for the G-d-fearing individual, since the Torah gives Am Yisrael the entire land, and when the halachic criteria of Jewish control of the land is met, neither Arabs nor any gentiles have the right to reside in the land, if they don't meet the halachic criteria for "resident strangers". In any event, LAVI is in actuality a peace movement and they endanger the Jewish people with foolish ventures. For more on this aspect of LAVI and similiar organizations, check out the following article:
  3. LAVI embraces the vile and violent black supremacist movement "Black Lives Matter", whose members include those with blood on their hands, and many more who support and celebrate such actions. BLM terrorists are responsible for murdering innocent cops in America (black and white) and ordinary citizens. They desire a race war and in this regard they are merely a mirror image of the KKK but with more credibility among the left. See:
  4. LAVI foments discord  between Jews by presenting a false skewed image of romanticized non-white "indigenous Jewry" and a colonized westernized Ashkenazic Jewry which needs to "de-colonize" and "reclaim" it's identity. Judaism is comprised of many peoples and neither color, language, or region define us. The Torah alone is our standard. If Ashkenazic Jewry is no more authentic than Sephardic Jewry, neither is it less so.
This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. More to come.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ignorance Begets Wickedness

Evidently, it wasn’t enough that many Jewish activists and organizations, largely run by religious Jews, falsely create a shared identify with the many primitive peoples of the world (past and present) who have nothing in common with Jews. And yet, in the interest of pandering to liberal multicultural hasbara types, they’ve created nonsensical associations with people whose ideas are actively contrary to our most sacred beliefs. My views on this were expressed in previous articles.

The logical extension of this illogical thought process led to other problems. After exposing this disturbing trend of indigenous fixation, I was compelled to revisit the issue to expose the “new peace movements” which many of these same people are creating, based upon the foolish notion that our supposed shared indigenous status with Arabs (as they would have it) can bring about peace. I addressed this problem in yet another article, reflecting on the sentiments of one particular “rightist” activist who saw fit to express a theoretical empathy with the Arab’s “Nakba.”

And yet it continues, because unrestrained foolishness and the absence of wisdom begets wickedness. If there weren’t enough reasons to oppose indigenous rights activists for Israel who eschew or de-emphasize our Divine claim to Eretz Yisroel, in lieu of baseless, pseudo-scientific, irrelevant claims of purported indigeneity, we now have one more. In yet another example of clichéd foolishness running amuck, the Jewish indigenous rights organization LAVI is now calling for Jews to support the racist “Black Lives Matter” movement.

All sane jaws should drop. This would naturally preclude those liberal jaws who are more bothered by an “All Lives Matter” hashtag than a growing black supremacist organization whose acceptability among blacks and liberals is far more mainstream that the KKK ever was. A violent organization with the blood of countless innocent police officers (black and white) and ordinary citizens, staining their hands. An organization headed by racist thugs who would spill blood throughout America on the altar of their race war.

LAVI exposed themselves with this latest “Black Lives Matter” gimmick to pander to young Jewish liberals. With any luck, sensible Jews who may have supported them previously will perhaps give pause and reconsider. Any organization that supports such a group or calls for Jews to understand them is beyond the pale. The BLM movement is the mirror image of the Ku Klux Klan, and the lives of the thugs who join such a movement are as worthless as those who would join any group which terrorizes another based upon color. The following post is from LAVI’s Facebook page. My commentary follows each paragraph or two in order to address every dangerous sentiment.

LAVI: The Jewish establishment's reaction to The Movement for Black Lives platform is embarrassing but not surprising. It focuses on what the platform says about Israel rather than addressing the policy ideas developed by a broad coalition of Black leaders to attain justice for their people within the United States. The reactions coming out of the Jewish establishment also come across as completely ignorant and insensitive to the fact that there actually does exist a discriminatory system in the US that disenfranchises people of color through formal institutions and informal group practices (Jews have been both the victims of and beneficiaries of white privilege).

The Judean Hammer: What Jewish establishment are they referring to? The mainstream liberal Jewish establishment(s) which reflects the views of too many American Jews is largely sympathetic in theory at least to the actions of these thugs and other groups such as the New Black Panther Movement. In this case, the people from LAVI are surely referring to another Jewish Establishment. That is, any group that retains what many such activists deem a white, colonized “ashkenazic” identity which rejects their multicultural worldview. And this exposes what is the most perverse notion of LAVI’s doctrine. Their oft repeated hostility towards anything deemed ashkenazic, which they see as a rejection of Jewish identity. (Needless to belabor the point, since they say as much in the following paragraphs.)

 As far as discriminatory systems in America, what are they talking about? What year is this, 1947, or even 1967? There is no legal discrimination in the United States. If anything, the liberal system and continued chaos of Obama’s America created a system of discrimination which supports and encourages the violence of racist groups like Black Lives Matter, of brutal cop-killers and those who would kill whites on the altar of black supremacy.

LAVI: Jewish groups on the left also appear to miss an important opportunity to find the appropriate place for our people within the struggles of other oppressed groups. They prefer to participate as privileged white Americans of the Mosaic persuasion rather than as another minority group struggling to overcome injustices actually caused by the same system currently oppressing Blacks (Jewish Voices for Peace going so far as to refer to its own Ashkenazi leadership as "white supremacy inside of JVP").

Most Jews in the US fail to appreciate the fact that Jewish white-passing largely exists at the expense of the Jewish ethnic/cultural distinctions that not so long ago identified us as "non-white" (even in America). As a result of past traumas, the betrayal of our own culture and the colonization of Jewish identity (the relationship between the three should be obvious), Jews can often pass for white but we must remain conscious of the price our people have paid and continue to pay for this "privilege" (and another group not even having the option of paying this price does not negate the damage that this price has caused our people.

The Judean Hammer:  More race-baiting from LAVI. What proof do they have to generalize about the driving efforts of liberal Jews? The words of an extreme left-wing self-hating Jewish organization who perversely refer to their own misguided leadership as exhibiting white supremacy?

LAVI: The illusion of Jewish "whiteness" can only exist when one contextualizes Jewish identity in the US according to the paradigm of another people's experiences and challenges (Jews can be considered "white" within the context of the injustices many people of color experience due to being "not white" but this has little to do with our own understanding of our people's unique identity/history/challenges/collective experience). And the fact that Jews have had to change our names, shrink our noses, straighten our hair and betray our own culture and values in order to achieve a "white privilege" defined by what others are denied is telling enough. We should also be cautious not to define our people's situation in America according to a temporary - and potentially fleeting - reality. In many Diasporas over the centuries, periods where Jews enjoyed the illusions of privilege and belonging were often followed up by harsh - and in some cases catastrophic - wake-up calls.

The Judean Hammer:  LAVI sounds like a bad cliché of from the late 60’s. Their infantile generalizations are laden with expressions parroting standard liberal notions of guilt. The fact that many Jews may have tried to alter or conceal heritage, religion, or identity, does not mean that we should create a new false identity to cater to liberal multiculturalism. Jew haters will never support Jewish interests, and the attempt to redefine Judaism to obtain support is reprehensible.

LAVI: Our own unique experiences, hardships and traumas should not desensitize us to the pain or struggles of others. We should obviously demonstrate solidarity with and seek justice for those facing very real injustices today. But we should do so not as representatives of white America but as another minority group with different challenges and struggles unique to our own experience.
#DecolonizeJewishIdentity ‪#BlackLivesMatter ‪#BrownLivesMatter‪#SemiticLivesMatter ‪#NewGenerationNewConversation

The Judean Hammer: We Jews should do what all self-respecting people do, and what the great Rabbi Meir Kahane noted early on in his activist career. We need to attend to our own house first. And to the extent that there is room to support other just causes, it must always be within the framework of supporting those causes the Torah would deem just.

As such, all decent Jews should unequivocally condemn and oppose the ideology, actions, and the existence of racist groups such as “Black Lives Matter”, as they would towards any group such as the KKK. The ranks of Black Lives Matter all hate Jews (even liberal ones!) and Israel just as their forebears did.  This was recently illustrated when members of the BLM movement came to Israel to support the Arabs and show their Jew-hatred.

BLM’s cause is patently unjust, and it is fueled by the poisonous motives of black race baiters and racist liberals to perpetuate hatred and discontent. As Jews, we should support the police who are ambushed and preyed upon by these racist terrorists in the streets of America, and who remain the lone defense against a race war perpetuated against the rest of America.

I hold no sympathy with bigots of any color, and I am aware of American history. America is not the racist country Obama would have it. Of course racism exists in the hearts of too many diseased people, both black and white. But long before the creation of BLM, statistics proved that black on white violence was far greater than that of white on black, as it has been for some time in America. And let us not venture into the issue of the epidemic of black on black violence, which remains the real threat to blacks.

Black lives matter not at all to the thugs who form the rank and file of Black Lives Matter. These racist thugs care nothing at all for the fractured black family, and the rampant violence within their community that eats up black society. If they did, they would support such righteous people as Colonel Allen West, Sheriff Clarke, Ben Carson, and the noted intellectual Thomas Sowell who exemplify the best of mankind and are best equipped to help blacks in America with their leadership and knowledge. 

But they don’t. They choose the Sharpton’s, the Jackson’s, the Farrakhan’s and the Obama’s. And they overwhelmingly support black hate groups like BLM. And the fact that LAVI would align with such a vile organization which cares nothing for people, be they black or white, is terrifying and tragic. And it shrieks of ignorance.

LAVI has nothing of importance to say to Jews or gentiles, not on matters of Judaism and not on matter of race. They merely perpetuate another form of racism. Liberal multicultural racism which celebrates everything ethnic and demonizes anything with a “white hue” or appears to them as indicative of white colonialism. LAVI often expresses sentiments which would earn them the term racism if the term, black, Sephardic, Asian, etc. was replaced with white. Smart Jews would do well to stay away from such organizations. From a Torah perspective, any man is equal to another provided he retains his Divine image and uses his reason. Evidently, the leadership of LAVI see more kinship with BLM bigots who ambush and gun down cops in the streets, or their mainstream supporters who applaud the thugs who do.

It is a chillul Hashem to allow such grotesque views masquerading as “Jewish” to go unopposed. America is in the middle of a domestic war with Islam run amuck and black racist groups terrorizing the populace. A proper Jewish perspective should be heard. The BLM movement should be destroyed along with the thugs of the New Black Panther Movement, the same for any group that terrorizes people based upon color, ethnicity, or religion.

I am sick of LAVI’s polarizing message trying to drive a wedge between Jews. The Torah has no interest in race. Man is judged by his actions. I am sick of LAVI’s obsession with color. Color is as relevant as one’s shoe size or their choice in movies. Black, white, who gives a damn? Certainly not the rational, thinking Jew.



Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Monsters Exist: Judaism’s Cognizance of Evil

“To most of us nothing is so invisible as an unpleasant truth. Though it is held before our eyes, pushed under our noses, rammed down our throats-we know it not.”-Eric Hoffer, “The Passionate State of Mind, and Other Aphorisms (1955)

“The soul that has conceived one wickedness, can nurse no good thereafter.”-Sophocles

The Moral Lies We Tell
Torah is truth personified. Yet some truths cannot be said. We recognize that lying is odious. Yet some lies are permitted, such as the lies we tell to shield people from embarrassment or to protect the innocent. When we occasionally lie to our children to insulate them from things that no child should know about, we do so with a clear conscience. Lies of omission, lies of calculation. All for the good of the child.

To assuage their fears when they are very young, we assure them that there are no such things as childhood monsters with horns, fur, and teeth. In time, we teach them that while there are indeed wild creatures in this world with teeth and hearty appetites, civilized societies don’t have predatory animals roaming about. But what about the true monsters in this world, the human monsters who exist? How do we broach these topics?

We don’t. We avoid the question of those products of nature and nurture who commit acts as terrifying as any imaginary construct. The developing child approaches us with their ever expanding brains and the consequential concerns. We counter their inquiries. They bring it to us. No normal rational parent introduces these concepts.

Children first have a notion of robbers, and this often becomes the first anxiety relating to the real world. The killers, the rapists, the human predators, these are extensions of the first fear. The man who enters the home. The man who creeps about in the night while we sleep. When this first fear is articulated, we evade difficult questions with comforting solutions, to assure them of their safety, and help them mature into functional people, without the handicap of excessive anxiety. We pray to G-d that they will never meet such people, neither in childhood nor their adult lives. We tell them lies. We protect them as best we can. But life can be ugly.

Monsters in Our Midst
“You gave me a present and now I am returning it to you.”-Hallel’s mother Rena Ariel; at her murdered daughter’s funeral

A teenage girl’s bedroom should be the safest place in the world for her, a haven of privacy and seclusion. And in the normal world, it usually is. But not in Kiryat Arba, where the Jewish populace is surrounded by Arab barbarians. Home may be a man’s castle in his mind, but unguarded castles are easily stormed. Even within the illusion of gated communities, and electronic fences, and security patrols, these measures are only as good as the people maintaining them.

And when the mythology of security is shattered it is devastating. An insane image, impossible to fathom: a child’s bedroom drenched in her own blood. Portrait of Hallel Yaffa Ariel’s bedroom on June 30, 2016, courtesy of a 17-year-old Arab monster named Muhammad Tarayrah, who climbed through her bedroom window and stabbed her to death as she slept.

May G-d avenge Hallel’s blood. And may Hashem teach the Arabs of Kiryat Arba, the environs, and of Greater Israel the justice of the ancient city of Shchem.

Outside the realm of hasbara fantasy, most Israelis are unarmed and vulnerable, and although many people oppose the draconian laws which permit only the elite to obtain a legal weapon to protect themselves, many are not even bothered. In such a society, the terminally enlightened concern themselves with “restraint,” the rights of murderers, and perpetuating the system of apprehending terrorists. Such a society breeds weakness, because it denies the common man the most basic right of all, the right to live. The kind of society where the worst of humankind terrorize the innocent.
Whether maimed or murdered, or damned to witness the former, when people encounter human monsters their lives are ruined. In the same way that no one who survived the Holocaust can truly ever be “normal,” how can one who saw his parents gunned down or stabbed to death or hacked to bits, ever know normalcy? Can a society forced to endure endless Arab atrocities even appreciate the concept of normalcy?

There is no dearth of monsters in Israel. Man-beasts who resemble man but act less human than carnivores. Men who cast away their humanity and choose the evil. Arabs nursed on ideations of suicide/homicide martyrdom and are given every opportunity to actualize their madness. Arabs who stab babies in cribs and detonate themselves in the marketplace to attain said “martyrdom” and the depraved fantasies of Islam’s sexual pathology. Those Arab “passion-plays”, obscene Arabs theater featuring school children who reenact the slaughter of Jews. And Arabs who stab teenage girls in their bedrooms.

And still the left and clueless governments continue to perpetuate the myth of good Arabs. Of reasonable Arabs. Of Arabs who want to live in peace with Jews. These same politicians have the nerve to attend Jewish funerals and pay shiva calls. They speak of protecting Jews and yet Jews are sitting ducks in Israel. On many roads, Jews are targets for Arab snipers or cinder blocks. Or firebombs to burn his wife and children to death or destroy a little girl’s face. Even crossing the street in Jerusalem or buying milk can become an ordeal, should the Arab knife frenzy return, or the Arabs rediscover their predilection for crushing Jews with automobiles.

The government never calls for vengeance. Social media outlets for military and government speak of the murdered “of blessed memory”, the tamest of words suggesting that a murdered Jew slipped away in the night from old age. “May G-d avenge her blood” is considered the refrain of extremists. Netanyahu blasts Abbas and the “PA” for incitement. If as the sages of old taught us, the wise man is one who foresees the future, then the fool pokes out his own eyes and sees nothing. What on G-d’s earth did Bibi think he would accomplish? Compel Abbas to repent?

Thank G-d the latest Arab terror attack in Jerusalem was thwarted. But in Israel, the positive is laced with negative. Averted bloodshed doesn’t preclude the possibility of future bloodshed. On the contrary. Israel’s ethic of “do-the-least harm was on display. The terrorist was apprehended rather than having his head blown off. He will sit for a time, and as sure as the day is long, he will be part of a future prisoner release, as one with ‘no blood on his hands’. And when he is released, he will attempt to rectify his failure.

In Israel, the uncompromising warrior is often treated like a fiend, or a lawless vigilante. A soldier such as Elor Azaria who kills an Arab terrorist is a hero, and any "Jewish" government that punishes such a warrior is reprehensible. I don't care if the creature was trussed up like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Or whether or not the ghoul had an explosive. A bullet to the head is the Jewish response. You can bet your last shekel that King David would have agreed. The witch-hunt against Azaria shrieks of Jewish degradation. Such actions are the antidote to Jewish funerals.

The double standard is jarring. The Left gets away with incitement to murder. Academics, journalists, activists, etc. They can say anything on twitter, Facebook or in a prominent paper. Military men can compare Israeli society to the society that birthed the disease of Nazism. Without any consequence. All during a “right-wing” government. Several months ago, the morally defective leftist editor of Walla News Roy Baharir Perl called for Arab terrorists to attack a “right-wing” Jewish concert. While this incitement was spread all over social media, our government tortured and imprisoned innocent Jews, on a witch-hunt to seek out supposed "Jewish terrorists". If Perl was a right-winger, he would have been hanging upside down within the hour while Shabak agents pummeled him.

A government who refuses to protect the Nation and imprisons those who do, sends a message that 1) Jewish lives aren’t valued. 2) Jewish deaths are acceptable if the threshold of “acceptable losses” doesn’t remarkably change the status quo. 3) that Rabin’s perverse notion of “karbanot” for an impossible peace is pragmatic. A government and a society which spurns the gift of Jewish strength and holds its fire has blood on its hands. Jewish history will recall these sins born of weakness and self-loathing, whose consequences destroy lives and those of the survivors. Orphans and widows and parents who bury their young. Of sons and daughters who shriek “Abba”, as their beloved father is interred into the earth. Of a mother who one day drove her girl to dance class, and the next day spills tears stands over her murdered corpse.

Given Israel’s torturous form of government where a hodgepodge of groups usually forms a coalition, the question remains: How precisely to coordinate and implement the proper framework for genuine change? There are no easy answers, since yesterday’s best tactics are not necessarily feasible and today's are useless. We need to use the best resources of our age. However, short of an undeserved miracle, nothing short of mass civil disobedience will make a dent in the government's armor. When society wakes up and takes to the streets in unprecedented numbers, we will see the possibility for change. Articles and videos will not bring about change, no matter how provocative, powerful, or reasoned. They may cause people to think. They may inspire people, but nothing short of authentic societal grassroots effort on the ground, can rehabilitate our collective Jewish soul.

The pernicious effect of havlaga can only be cleansed with Jewish strength and unrelenting power. There is no place on earth for mercy with the Arabs. Truly, they are the Am Lak-a nation that laps Jewish blood. The company of man-eating lions is preferable. When Arabs kill Jews it is perverse to celebrate our humanity with assurances that “we love while they hate”. Of course we are not like them. And that is precisely why the Torah demands that we destroy the wicked. The failure to do so, results in OUR slaughter. It is time to scream and demand that our government deals with the Arabs once and for all, before the next round of Jewish funerals.

Those terrible funerals. Those horrifying images of parents clinging and shrieking over the small inanimate bodies of their children all dressed in shrouds, awaiting the final journey. I prefer the funerals of my enemies. And every Arab funeral where the blood-crazed jinn celebrate their shahid is a G-d given opportunity to bomb them to smithereens. Whole villages of Arab terror can be obliterated this way.

When Moshiach arrives, he will be pressed to identify Amalek. I am convinced that this most noble of men (may we see the redemption in our times) will open his eyes wide with puzzlement: “Are you serious”, he will say? “They are all around you!”

“Pour out YOUR wrath against the nations, who know YOU not.” During the joy of the Passover seder, we call for vengeance against the evil nations. Some distorted modern commentaries try to minimize the significance of this powerful refrain in the Haggadah. It is significant and provocative. Unabashed and unapologetic. The wicked deserve punishment, and unlike petty revenge against a fellow Jew which is forbidden, this is something we long to see. Jewish outrage as a counter to apathy and indifference. Strength and dignity to repair the degradation, and self-respect for Torah and Halacha, rather than a systematic attempt to explain away halachic obligations. With such a mindset, we can finally deal with the Arabs.

We need more of the teachings of torat Moshe Rabbeinu, and less of the arrogance of Moshe Dayan. More of the glory of King David and less of David Ben Gurion’s Ghandi-esque havlaga. And truth be told, we need more of Shimon and Levi whose righteous zeal for their sister brought the city of Shchem to its knees. And lastly, we need more of Shimshon Hagibor, who terrified and terrorized the Philistine enemy. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rabbi Haskel Lookstien's Terrible Decision (video)

Integrity, where art thou?
Reflections on Rabbi Haskel Lookstein's sudden decision to withdraw from the RNC, where he was initially scheduled to deliver a prayer at the behest of Ivanka Trump. After tremendous pressure from Hillary Clinton supporting Jews in his circle, he caved in. It speaks volumes about the leftist positions of many "modern orthodox" Jews who support a criminal incompetent Jew-hater like Hillary Clinton, and demonize Donald Trump. Fear of those who pay his salary I suppose. These misfits weren't outraged when Lookstein attended America hating Obama's inauguration in the National Church several years ago. I wonder why?

Shameful and weak.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Jewish People: Zero Commonality With Indians

Contrary to the ill-informed claims of self-appointed "hasbara" indigenous rights activists, "native-Americans" have little (if any) commonality with Jews. The analogy is ridiculous, and only one devoid of knowledge of Jewish history and Torah would ever make the comparison.

There is a  reason "Indian rights" activists align with Arabs and their war with Israel. As angry malcontents with no future and no reasonable demands, they have an interest in disseminating myth as history and living the fantasy of a revolution that will never happen. And they have embraced antisemitism for self-interest:
  1. As Jews we have a legacy and a mandate of bringing the knowledge of the One true G-d to the world. Indians were animistic pagans.
  2. Jewish law is predicated on the sanctity of human life. Biblical wars (and halachic wars were necessarily brutal) offered the enemy an opportunity to repent. They had a limited window to do so and to extricate themselves from the fate of their people. Native Americans were masters of collective mass slaughter, torture, rape, all sorts of depredations, physical, sexual assault, etc. A code of barbarism and savagery.
  3. Indians fled their origins in Siberia to find a new place to live- out of necessity. G-d GAVE us our land. And Jews have always yearned for the one place sacred to us, Eretz Yisrael.
  4. Jewish tribes were mandated to maintain unity and brotherhood, despite the unfortunate reality of factionalism that existed throughout the history of the monarchies. Indians were defined by their brutal violence towards each other long before any European came to the land.
  5. Judaism appreciates nature as the creation of G-d. Indians venerated and worshiped nature. And contrary to the mythos of the ecological native, many tribes were destructive to nature. Judaism has a balance where man must conserve the world but still retain dominion over it.
  6. Indian society was cruel by any standard, and the violence they often meted out towards the ill and infirm was shocking. Judaism repudiates the cruel personality.
  7. Judaism is intellectual. Our halachic system is based on logic. Indians were creatures of impulse, even if it was contrary to their best interests. 
  8. Judaism has never shied from documenting our less than stellar moments in history. The Torah and Talmud often record events that portray as us sinful, ungrateful, and generally belligerent to Hashem. Truth is never sanitized. Indian history is defined by pseudo-history and her advocates all have one narrative. White raping exploitative Europeans. Good noble Indians.
  9. While the Indians certainly contributed to our knowledge of fauna, flora, agriculture, building, hunting, their contributions pale to the contributions of the Jewish people, both in the realm of the sacred knowledge of Torah and individual contributions of Jews in general to medicine, education, arts.
  10. The Indian world is gone. The Jewish people will live forever.
There is one important commonality. Neither Jews, nor Indians, nor any people's, are indigenous to anywhere in the world, since people are not frogs or plants. People are not indigenous. People conquer or they are conquered. People migrate. Like "native American" who came from Siberia. As Jews we differ because our conquests were Divine mandated and that is our claim to Israel. 

Some people get upset because religious arguments offend them. The lowest of these shills have made a career selling these exotic stories of "indigenous Jewry".  They never engage in discussion because theirs is not a rational claim. So they pout and scream and hurl obscenities. Too damn bad. Those self-serving arrogant hasbarites who don't like it, can go beat on a tom-tom to mollify their frustration or take some peyote and go on a lonesome vision quest.

Indigenous rights activists have nothing to say to Jews about identity. They know nothing of Torah and thus they are irrelevant to any Jew who believes in Divine claims. The essence of Judaism is the rejection of the primitive and the pagan. Native American culture embraced and cultivated these things. The Am Kadosh has no commonality whatsoever with those who worshiped nature. And it is perverse to make this foolish comparison.

We have Torah, they have totems.