Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Perverting The Law Of Mercy: Part II

Like so many leftist rags today, The Times of Israel is a popular online magnet to disseminate anti-Jewish values. A forum of filth where moral defectives frequently share their relativism with a large and often shockingly ignorant audience.  For Jewish writers, The Times of Israel will gladly share your writings if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are an aggressive advocate for gay rights
  • you are an unprincipled “hasbara” activist with an agenda, or a prominent messianic hasbara activist
  • you are a member of a reform, liberal, or “open-orthodox” movement or organization
  •  you are a card-carrying member of the “Women of the Wall” or a militant shrill feminist eager to rant about the evils of rabbinical patriarchy
  • you are a peacenik, or a radical halachic innovator
  • you mock and denigrate Torah values
In order to retain some modicum of credibility, some “conservative” or “right-wing” bloggers are permitted a place at the table, provided they moderate their sentiments and refrain from tackling provocative issues. On the other hand, if you maintain some principles and write something that rocks their general liberal sentiments, they will probably remove your article. This explains the ever-growing number of hasbara “right-wingers” who suddenly have a problem with TOI. When most writers complain about them, it usually follows a bit of professional narcissism. The script is predictable. One of their articles was removed and now they have a complex. In truth, any one with eyes can see that most of their featured articles are of a type. So why should anyone expect leftists to suddenly play fair?

I am proud to say that several years back my second article for TOI was the last one I ever wrote for them. The editors bounced me out so fast after I wrote an unflattering article about President Obama. Evidently, their original assumptions about a curly haired nature loving guy from the remote Negev were way off.

My writing is generally reactive to what I perceive to be societal dysfunction. The Times of Israel is often a good source to go fishing for freaks, in the same manner that I peruse other liberal forums to search for material. It is a medium to discover the dysfunctional faces of contemporary Judaism.
One of the TOI’s more notorious editors frequently receives criticism for her liberal views, where she often beats her chest for “oppressed Palestinians” and vilifies normative Torah values and traditions. In many ways, she is a caricature of a caricature, in the form of the archetypal misguided self-righteous liberal Jew. If you created her character as a work of fiction, no one would believe you. She is often taken to task for her articles. All of it is well deserved. But she is an easy target.

Many other writers fall under the radar, since they lack her notoriety. Some time ago, I wrote an article, “Perverting the Law of Mercy” in response to an article by Rabbi Daniel Landes entitled “Rachmanut for Gaza.” Here we had a purported religious Rabbi expressing a thoroughly un-Jewish position by advocating mercy for ghouls (in the manner of all merciful Jewish fools), and I felt it required a response. A chillul Hashem unanswered is a chillul Hashem run amuck.

Michael Lesher is another such deviant, and his recent article, “Crime and Punishment”: Fadi Qunbar, Elor Azaria and Israel’s Occupation” was one of the more grotesque things I have read in a while. Thus, Part II of the same title was born. Michael Lesher identifies as an orthodox Jew, and his opening comments speaks volumes about his mindset and the kind of pornographic views we can expect from him:

“First of all, I do not want to write about Elor Azaria. He is a cipher: a smirking, undersized bully who murdered a helpless Palestinian because the State of Israel put a rifle into his hands, corrupted him with a racist ideology, and hardened his conscience with a 50-year-long military occupation of the West Bank – to which Azaria added another victim last March.”

I found it ironic that a man whose profile pic accompanying his article resembles the visage of a grinning cartoon villain (pencil moustache, contrived smirk where the eyes betray the smile!) would have the gall to write about “a smirking, undersized bully.” Elor Azaria killed a terrorist. Yet in a shocking admission of Sodom morality, Lesher mourns the terrorist and vilifies the hero. Yet in accordance with the wisdom of never judging a book by the cover, the rest of the article betrays that in this case, the content is indeed FAR worse than the cover.

“But I do want to write a few words about Fadi Qunbar, the young Palestinian father of 4 who, on January 8, became yet another casualty of Israel’s occupation.

Yes, that Fadi Qunbar – the Fadi Qunbar whose life is now summed up in the media under the single word “terrorist,” because he used his truck to kill 4 soldiers of the enemy force occupying his land before their comrades gunned him down. The Fadi Qunbar whose death was not even counted in the headlines that screamed about “4 Killed in Jerusalem Attack” – four soldiers, that is – because a dead Palestinian cannot be mentioned in the same breath as Israelis, just as the newspapers that mourned his oppressors could not spare the ink to correctly identify the site of Qunbar’s death as “occupied East Jerusalem.”

After reading these sick sentiments, the following words danced through my head. “And to the informer may there be no hope” ……

Fadi Qunbar. The same Arab beast who plowed his truck into four beautiful young Jews and murdered them. Injured scores of others. Fadi Qunbar. A genuine man-ghoul who ended the life of the pure and the innocent because of his burning Jew hatred and his bloodlust to finish the Mufti’s quest.

Putting aside for a moment Lesher’s grotesque leftist views relating to his imagined “occupation,” his sympathy for a demon says everything we need to know about him. His hatred and callousness towards the brutal murder of fellow Jews is the reason Chazal had such harsh words for such people. Lesher would have made an effective capo or judenrat, since his writings, in effect, play the same role. One who would destroy his brother. One who has no love for another Jew. One who makes the perverse association of “victim” with a modern-day Nazi.

The four murdered soldiers were murdered because they were Jews, and in addition to the fact that they were soldiers committed to protecting fellow Jews, halachically they sanctified G-d’s Name. They are truly righteous Jews. Michael Lesher is a sneering self-hating grub, who lacks the morality of a sewer rat. Generally, we should love our fellow Jews, despite our differences. But then are other types of Jews. Villains who eagerly join hands with the enemy, to fight against their fellow brothers. For such people, the Torah mandates that we only show them hatred. And even in the absence of Rabbinical courts, there were often harsh measures meted out to such dangerous personalities.
Lesher’s article represents yet another low for TOI. 

Any forum which would feature such abominable views (and they frequently do!) should be vilified and exposed for what they are. Jews need to stop pretending that TOI used to be better. It was always a cesspool. But a cesspool rarely becomes cleaner with time. And given the general erosion of values, one can expect continued regression.

The word “Erev Rav” (mixed multitude) is often thrown around incorrectly, sometimes falling upon the heads of who do not deserve it. Michael Lesher is certainly a representative of the mixed multitude. The same can be said for those who would publish such filth. Lesher is a self-hating anomaly (presumably with a kipah) with a twisted soul. Sometimes a kipah reflects an awareness of The Almighty, by sitting squarely on our brainbox and reminding us that G-d exists. Other times, it merely covers a hollow head.

The Lesher’s of the world are welcome on TOI, since the latter love nothing better than sickos with kipot or pretenses of “orthodoxy,” to justify their own misguided beliefs. Michael Lesher is the worst kind of Jew, and despite his self-identification he is about as “orthodox” as the Pope, or a Satanist. A quick perusal of the web illustrates what he is. A self-hating cretin willing to write for The Electronic Intifada. He is an enemy. A diseased soul who sides with Arab murderers in their genocidal war with our people. Chazal had much to say about such defectives and none of it is good. There is really nothing more to say about such people. Like the Neturei Karta, they are the enemy. May they all merit the same fate as their beloved “victims.”

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Lynching of Elor Azaria

"I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6"- Ed Parker

As so many of us feared and expected from a judicial system that often mirrors Sodom rather than Sinai, Sergeant Elor Azaria was convicted of manslaughter. To put it bluntly, a Jewish hero may sit and rot his finest years in prison, possibly twenty years. It is a monumental disgrace, a travesty of injustices to rival anything this country has thrown at decent Jews in the past. Even if Elor is pardoned, the shame of the verdict, of the Bolshevik investigation and kangaroo court which tarred and feathered him from day one, these will never be erased.

In a time when the word Maccabee is thrown around with glibness, often attributed to those who deserve it least, the State of Israel, indeed, the Army of Israel itself, publicly lynched a genuine Maccabee. Today is a dark day in Jewish history. Yet another nail in the coffin containing the remains of Jewish dignity and self-respect. 

Today’s guilty verdict for Elor Azaria, a heroic soldier who ended the life of an Arab terrorist, is a stain upon the nation. A stain upon the heads of every Hellenized politician who wants Israel to act humane to the most evil people on earth. A stain upon heads of army and heads of State, including former Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon who fed the flames against Azaria from the onset. Among other perverse statements was the following:

"Gentlemen, what do you want here? An army that becomes bestial? An army that lost its moral backbone? I am proud that the company commander indicated that it was an anomalous incident.”

A stain upon Prime Minister Netanyahu for not rising sooner in defense of a valiant soldier of Israel. The fact that Netanyahu is now calling for him to be pardoned is certainly good to hear. But it stinks of political expediency, since the masses are infuriated with the betrayal of a young Jewish soldier, and Netanyahu could have stifled the witch-hunt earlier. You will recall his statement months back:

"What happened in Hevron does not represent the values of the IDF. The IDF expects its soldiers to act with self-control and in accordance with the open-fire regulations."

In any event, as shameful as the conviction is, the most important thing is to ensure that Azaria never sits a day of this perverse prison sentence.

Bestial? Antithetical to IDF values? What of Torah values? The most noble thing on earth is to put a bullet in the head of a terrorist who just tried to murder Jews.  Whether upright or twitching and bleeding on the ground. Imprisoning these beasts is immoral. In Judaism, we destroy our enemies. We certainly don’t warehouse them, educate them, and then release them to murder other Jews, as so many other terrorists have been in the past. And without a doubt, some future unprincipled craven Israeli government would have released this beast, by stating that he had no blood on his hands. Having failed in his first attempt, this Amalekite would have gone out and ensured that he was successful the next time around. So even if this creature wasn’t laden with explosives, even if Azaria wasn’t concerned with this possibility, his actions were supremely Jewish. Matityahu would have been proud of him.

Those who would persecute such a young man are not Maccabees. Maccabees don’t feed their own soldiers to the fire of world opinion. The world loves to incinerate us, yet the Jew who would feed the fire himself, is a judenrat. In a previous article, I noted the following:

In Israel, the uncompromising warrior is often treated like a fiend, or a lawless vigilante. A soldier such as Elor Azaria who kills an Arab terrorist is a hero, and any "Jewish" government that punishes such a warrior is reprehensible. I don't care if the creature was trussed up like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Or whether the ghoul had an explosive. A bullet to the head is the Jewish response. You can bet your last shekel that King David would have agreed. The witch-hunt against Azaria shrieks of Jewish degradation. Such actions are the antidote to Jewish funerals.

This is nothing new in a country where soldiers are increasingly afraid to use their weapons against genuine Arab threats, or in more extreme lunatic situations, are given standing orders to retreat in the face of murderous Arab violence. Where soldiers are indoctrinated with the accursed self-restraint “ethic” which permeates every normative party in Israel, and stands as an ideal in the hearts of so many military men. Sometimes the decision is to be murdered or maimed, or do the right thing by putting a bullet (or several) in the fiend’s cranium. And then face the real danger of prison sentence.

As my good friend, Moshe pointed out, Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent statement mirrored the unintended action of the evil Balaam’s curse. Kerry intended to demonize and vilify Israel by arguing the incompatibility of a Jewish State or democracy. His intention and desire was certainly malevolent, a vindictive expression of Obama’s (and his own) Jew hatred and a desire to alienate and isolate Israel. And yet unlike the belief of too many Jews on both sides of the spectrum, that his assertion was false and that a marriage of the two is workable, without even realizing his statement, John Kerry was correct. The great Rabbi Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood) often stated the exact thing, and unlike Kerry he knew precisely what he was talking about. The most rudimentary definition of democracy would be the majority opinion or will of what the populace believes to be true or desires. Torah deems the majority opinion of the great halachic minds to be the ideal.

Democracy accepts the possibility of an Arab majority, or Arab interests superseding those of Jews. A Jewish state cannot without endangering and ultimately compromising its existence. Even a secular “Jewish” state cannot abide this possibility for reasons of logic. From a halachic statement, the question of who can even be in the country has rigid rules and requirements. Certainly, the Halacha denies even the noble resident stranger (and today’s gentiles in Israel are certainly not) from having any say on matters of State.

In Israel today, the leadership behaves towards Jews in a manner that is neither Jewish nor democratic. It is tragic that we are so far from a true expression of Halacha in the State of Israel. We will surely bleed because of it. But neither do we have a functional democracy, since witch-hunts, administrative detention, and the immoral torturing of innocents are anathema to the former. And a country that punishes her own soldiers for terminating an evil enemy who intended to create orphans and widows, expose their worship of a modern-day Baal on the world stage. The Baal of moral relativism and pacifism.

Where are the Maccabees today? Hard to say, since our times are exceedingly unromantic. Your average middle aged 30-year-old has no chance to pick up a gun in defense of country, despite his desire to do so. We have a repressive government acting within the well-constructed veneer of democracy. Zealotry lacks the catalyst in the contemporary scene. Unless the roof caves in, a revolution seems unlikely at this point until the inferno gets out of control. There may be a tipping point in the future, as there was once upon a time in the town of Modi’in. On that day, a zealous warrior decided that he had enough of the perversion and he started a Torah revolution. In the meantime, we know of at least one such Maccabee in Israel today. Stg. Elor Azaria is a Maccabee in the truest sense of the word. May he be freed soon enough.


# MaccabeeRising

Sunday, November 20, 2016

President Donald Trump: A Jewish Perspective

For the record, I am ecstatic that President Elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, that corrupt power-crazed chameleon who wears as many duplicitous faces as she does ill-fitting pant-suits. It was aggravating enough to see American society erode under eight grueling years of Obama's reign of tyranny. While Obama should have been protecting America from Islamic terror and black supremacists,he was too busy destroying America's medical care, ramming gay marriage upon an unwilling populace, and continuing his “rainbow” crusade to allow transsexuals into the ladies’ room. In her quest for power, the unprincipled Hillary would have pandered to every degeneracy by continuing Obama's legacy, and the American Republic would have been doomed. Fortunately, eight years of hell didn't become twelve. Reason enough to celebrate.

It is good to see the downfall of corrupt arrogant people.

I confess that it is more than good. It is a JOY to see deranged liberals losing their minds over the results of a lawful election. Furthermore, the liberal media was shamed for their biases, as Hillary’s litany of crimes were exposed every day like  a broken sewer pipe, spewing its raw filth upon an increasingly nauseated public. As so many others, I was sick of reading about Clinton’s negligent behavior as Secretary of State which cost American lives, her culture of corruption, the criminal enterprises of the “Clinton Foundation”, and a slew of other scandals. Throw in her general vindictiveness and anti-antisemitism, and one needn’t wonder why the American public flexed it's collective might and said NO MORE. For a further look at Hillary Clinton, check out: “President Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare”. 

Trump’s victory offers America an opportunity to right a sinking ship, and turn back the clock on eight-years of Bolshevism. If nothing else, it means that Hillary Clinton isn’t president, and that Islam won’t triple its numbers in America and continue to grow as a fifth column. Nevertheless, it is not merely an example of addition by subtraction. With his genuine talents and patented chutzpah, Donald Trump can indeed accomplish great things for America. 

So I am very pleased with the results. But I am less ecstatic by the extremes of Jewish expression on both ends of the spectrum, which as I see it, have no place in a Torah perspective. On the one hand, we have the cookie-cutter Jewish liberals, who swallowed the leftist Kool-Aid and deem Donald Trump and his associates as Jew haters, bigots, etc. In the absence of any evidence, they readily resort to the standard slurs of the left: vitriol and defamation. The Bnai Brith’s Anti-Defamation League comes to mind, with their recent witch-hunt against Breitbart's Stephen Bannon, which they have since had to backtrack on. Ironic how the ADL ignores Obama’s anti-Semitism, but saw fit to slander a man who supports Israel, exposes Islamic barbarism, and has a disproportionate number of Jews working with him. And lest we forget, Andrew Breitbart was himself a Jew.

Those who were once accused of drinking blood (and still are in Arab countries), would be well to remember the sin of false accusations. No honest individual denies that there are white racists in the United states, but I would venture to say that they are fewer in number than the black Ku Klux Klan of the BLM movement, which has a wider base of support from the lib media, academia, and politicians, than any white racist ever could. The ADL should give equal attention to black supremacy. 

Liberalism is a world-wide pandemic, and the infected rarely recover. Look at the maniacs screeching over President Elect Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. Bedlam unleashed in the streets. “Safe zones” on college campuses for the intellectually deprived, who want to curl up in a fetal position because Hillary didn’t win. People who equate law and order with racism. And these are the non-violent ones. The savages who resort to violence represent the darker side of this story, the veritable lynch mobs attacking people for voting Trump.

The Jewish liberal will always contribute to this infection, since in the absence of Torah, one will invariably worship some version of Baal. Today’s paganism is liberal thought, so contrary to the notion of free will and the intellect. As far as the elections go, even if one doesn’t like Trump, he is better than the corrupt Hillary. One may find Trump coarse and brazen, but what of the Clintonian perversions and crimes which are so apparent?

The charges of racism from the liberal federations, the Bnai Brith’s Anti-Defamation League, and the self-loathing American Jewish rags are as predictable as the morning sun. They tar innocent people while tolerating genuine anti-Semites who comprise the inner circle of Obama and of Hillary. Blood libels are the lefts tool. And when a Jew hurls a blood libel against Jew or gentile, it is an ironic perversity.

The Left are supremely intolerant of dissent. In response to an alternative viewpoint, they hurl invective. We see this all the time in Israel, most recently, when Zionist Union Opposition leader, Isaac Herzog referred to “settlers” as viruses. If a politician or pundit on the right used such inflammatory language about leftists, the Shabak would pay him a night-time visit.


This is the language a prominent Israeli leftist politician used to describe noble Jews who chose to live in the "liberated" areas of our biblical Homeland. The demonization and subsequent dehumanization of fellow Jews (who act as a buffer from the terrorists in our heartland) is a vulgarity that will go unpunished, since Herzog is a leader of the elitist untouchable Left. As an aside, it should be noted that the only virus in this situation is one who would use the term to tar other Jews for the crime  of living in their own land.

Similarly, the demonization of Donald Trump and his advisers by Jews is a grotesque mischaracterization, and yet it is to be expected, since Jewish liberals mirror their non-Jewish counterparts. All too often, liberal Jews choose misguided notions of naive, universalism to assuage guilt and self-loathing. But the repercussions of such a distorted viewpoint are exposed on a grand stage when Jewish groups make public pronouncements which have no basis in truth.

The Folly of the Right
As a religious Jew living in Israel, I have no expectations of any President when it comes to Israel. After all, when Israeli PM’s speak of “peace talks” and peace partners, what can one expect of any president, even a decent man?

The reaction of many right-wing Jews in America and abroad is equally un-Jewish. The distorted and silly association of Trump as a messiah of sorts. For some this takes the form of misguided expectations and a delusional desire to read prophetic import into his election. This is the path of the guru and the self-styled mystic. For others, they seek out supposed proofs to show that Trump’s ascension has some cosmic implications.

Both extremes are foreign to Jewish thought. The desire to demonize Trump, and the desire to deify him. From a Jewish perspective, Donald Trump is infinitely better than the nightmarish alternative. But less us not make more of it than we should. He will be much better for America. His mandate includes a promise to secure the border, fix the US economy, and deal with Muslim terror. While we certainly don’t know G-d’s ways on this matter, surely caution and discretion is the prudent path, since broad baseless predictions are not the Torah way.

The ADL represents one extreme, and they are a caricature of sorts. One expects of them what one expects from Haaretz or a Herzog. An un-Jewish anti-Torah perspective which mimics western liberalism. But the religious Jew and the proud self-identifying Jew must guard himself. Donald Trump is surely no devil and we should excoriate those leftist Jews who desire to paint him as such. But we should refrain from the irrational messianic inclinations, particularly in relation to Israel’s destiny, and the desire to want to see salvation in his presidency. Unlike America, our Jewish destiny is spelled out in the shema. And if we follow the formula, neither the current occupant in the White House nor the future one have any impact on what happens in Eretz Yisroel. They have democracy. We have Divine Intervention.

The left and the right: both groups are clueless, because both have a distorted framework. The former has relativism as their moral compass and so we shouldn’t wonder why the ethics of Sodom express themselves. But the religious Jew who shirks responsible analysis and resorts to populist pandering is also a tragedy. It’s all over Facebook. Good Jews reading into Trump and portraying him as something he is not. He is not the Messiah. From Israel’s perspective, we should expect disappointment from every president, since the worldview of even the most righteous of men, will invariably be different from the ideal image of an authentically Jewish State of Israel.

I wish all the best to President Elect Donald Trump, with the hope that he follows the moral path, directs America onto a path of decency and strength, treats Israel with respect and respects our sovereignty, and thus merits the eternal promise of Abraham. These are reasonable things to hope for. But we should not assume that our lofty expectations will be met.

In the meantime, there is merit in celebrating Hillary Clinton’s defeat. The occasion is certainly worthy of making a l’chaim or two with quality schnapps. In the absence of gallows for Hillary’s documented treason, which the Founding Fathers would have surely deemed appropriate for the occasion, here’s to the hope that she will soon be fitted with shackles and an ill fitting orange uniform.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Kay Wilson Conundrum (audio podcast)

Reflections on Kay Wilson's messianic past, her refusal to admit her documented missionary associations, and what this refusal might say about her current beliefs and attitude. The most troublesome aspect of this whole mess is that mainstream "hasbara" organisations gave Wilson an entry pass into the world of Israeli advocacy without ever properly addressing these troubling issues with her, nor has Wilson given any indication that she engaged in proper Torah repentance. On the contrary. She continues to deny the allegations. and yet I have never heard of her suing any of these messianic organizations for tarring her name in print. The Jewish people have a right to know the truth.

MP3 File

Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Confrontation" Revisited: Rav Soloveitchik's Classic Treatise

In these trying times when ignorant, unlearned, and unprincipled Jewish "leaders" align with evangelical missionaries for their purported support of Israel, it behooves decent Jews to revisit Rav Soloveitchik's classic works on interfaith dialogue. What we are saying today reflects the vacuum of Jewish leadership of our times. Not only are those engaged in these dangerous relationships violating the most basic aspects of the Rav's position, but most of them are frighteningly ignorant (and largely disinterested) of the issues involved. Dark times indeed.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

LAVI Exposed

Why is LAVI, a Jewish "indigenous rights" movement, a dangerous organization?
  1. Among other things, LAVI is involved in defending Israel based upon our supposed Jewish indigenous rights (premised on bad history and science, and irrelevant to the thinking person) and see this as a viable means of defending our Jewish connection to Israel. As such, LAVI de-emphasizes the Divine claim, which represents our only true claim to the land. For further information on the foolishness of Jewish indigenous rights activists, check out the following articles where I elaborate on this issue:
  2. Unlike other pro-Israel groups which seek to deny indigenous status to Arabs in Israel based upon their selective interpretation of the term, LAVI grants this identity to Arabs and based upon this, see them as "partners" for peace. It matters little for the G-d-fearing individual, since the Torah gives Am Yisrael the entire land, and when the halachic criteria of Jewish control of the land is met, neither Arabs nor any gentiles have the right to reside in the land, if they don't meet the halachic criteria for "resident strangers". In any event, LAVI is in actuality a peace movement and they endanger the Jewish people with foolish ventures. For more on this aspect of LAVI and similiar organizations, check out the following article:
  3. LAVI embraces the vile and violent black supremacist movement "Black Lives Matter", whose members include those with blood on their hands, and many more who support and celebrate such actions. BLM terrorists are responsible for murdering innocent cops in America (black and white) and ordinary citizens. They desire a race war and in this regard they are merely a mirror image of the KKK but with more credibility among the left. See:
  4. LAVI foments discord  between Jews by presenting a false skewed image of romanticized non-white "indigenous Jewry" and a colonized westernized Ashkenazic Jewry which needs to "de-colonize" and "reclaim" it's identity. Judaism is comprised of many peoples and neither color, language, or region define us. The Torah alone is our standard. If Ashkenazic Jewry is no more authentic than Sephardic Jewry, neither is it less so.
This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. More to come.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ignorance Begets Wickedness

Evidently, it wasn’t enough that many Jewish activists and organizations, largely run by religious Jews, falsely create a shared identify with the many primitive peoples of the world (past and present) who have nothing in common with Jews. And yet, in the interest of pandering to liberal multicultural hasbara types, they’ve created nonsensical associations with people whose ideas are actively contrary to our most sacred beliefs. My views on this were expressed in previous articles.

The logical extension of this illogical thought process led to other problems. After exposing this disturbing trend of indigenous fixation, I was compelled to revisit the issue to expose the “new peace movements” which many of these same people are creating, based upon the foolish notion that our supposed shared indigenous status with Arabs (as they would have it) can bring about peace. I addressed this problem in yet another article, reflecting on the sentiments of one particular “rightist” activist who saw fit to express a theoretical empathy with the Arab’s “Nakba.”

And yet it continues, because unrestrained foolishness and the absence of wisdom begets wickedness. If there weren’t enough reasons to oppose indigenous rights activists for Israel who eschew or de-emphasize our Divine claim to Eretz Yisroel, in lieu of baseless, pseudo-scientific, irrelevant claims of purported indigeneity, we now have one more. In yet another example of clichéd foolishness running amuck, the Jewish indigenous rights organization LAVI is now calling for Jews to support the racist “Black Lives Matter” movement.

All sane jaws should drop. This would naturally preclude those liberal jaws who are more bothered by an “All Lives Matter” hashtag than a growing black supremacist organization whose acceptability among blacks and liberals is far more mainstream that the KKK ever was. A violent organization with the blood of countless innocent police officers (black and white) and ordinary citizens, staining their hands. An organization headed by racist thugs who would spill blood throughout America on the altar of their race war.

LAVI exposed themselves with this latest “Black Lives Matter” gimmick to pander to young Jewish liberals. With any luck, sensible Jews who may have supported them previously will perhaps give pause and reconsider. Any organization that supports such a group or calls for Jews to understand them is beyond the pale. The BLM movement is the mirror image of the Ku Klux Klan, and the lives of the thugs who join such a movement are as worthless as those who would join any group which terrorizes another based upon color. The following post is from LAVI’s Facebook page. My commentary follows each paragraph or two in order to address every dangerous sentiment.

LAVI: The Jewish establishment's reaction to The Movement for Black Lives platform is embarrassing but not surprising. It focuses on what the platform says about Israel rather than addressing the policy ideas developed by a broad coalition of Black leaders to attain justice for their people within the United States. The reactions coming out of the Jewish establishment also come across as completely ignorant and insensitive to the fact that there actually does exist a discriminatory system in the US that disenfranchises people of color through formal institutions and informal group practices (Jews have been both the victims of and beneficiaries of white privilege).

The Judean Hammer: What Jewish establishment are they referring to? The mainstream liberal Jewish establishment(s) which reflects the views of too many American Jews is largely sympathetic in theory at least to the actions of these thugs and other groups such as the New Black Panther Movement. In this case, the people from LAVI are surely referring to another Jewish Establishment. That is, any group that retains what many such activists deem a white, colonized “ashkenazic” identity which rejects their multicultural worldview. And this exposes what is the most perverse notion of LAVI’s doctrine. Their oft repeated hostility towards anything deemed ashkenazic, which they see as a rejection of Jewish identity. (Needless to belabor the point, since they say as much in the following paragraphs.)

 As far as discriminatory systems in America, what are they talking about? What year is this, 1947, or even 1967? There is no legal discrimination in the United States. If anything, the liberal system and continued chaos of Obama’s America created a system of discrimination which supports and encourages the violence of racist groups like Black Lives Matter, of brutal cop-killers and those who would kill whites on the altar of black supremacy.

LAVI: Jewish groups on the left also appear to miss an important opportunity to find the appropriate place for our people within the struggles of other oppressed groups. They prefer to participate as privileged white Americans of the Mosaic persuasion rather than as another minority group struggling to overcome injustices actually caused by the same system currently oppressing Blacks (Jewish Voices for Peace going so far as to refer to its own Ashkenazi leadership as "white supremacy inside of JVP").

Most Jews in the US fail to appreciate the fact that Jewish white-passing largely exists at the expense of the Jewish ethnic/cultural distinctions that not so long ago identified us as "non-white" (even in America). As a result of past traumas, the betrayal of our own culture and the colonization of Jewish identity (the relationship between the three should be obvious), Jews can often pass for white but we must remain conscious of the price our people have paid and continue to pay for this "privilege" (and another group not even having the option of paying this price does not negate the damage that this price has caused our people.

The Judean Hammer:  More race-baiting from LAVI. What proof do they have to generalize about the driving efforts of liberal Jews? The words of an extreme left-wing self-hating Jewish organization who perversely refer to their own misguided leadership as exhibiting white supremacy?

LAVI: The illusion of Jewish "whiteness" can only exist when one contextualizes Jewish identity in the US according to the paradigm of another people's experiences and challenges (Jews can be considered "white" within the context of the injustices many people of color experience due to being "not white" but this has little to do with our own understanding of our people's unique identity/history/challenges/collective experience). And the fact that Jews have had to change our names, shrink our noses, straighten our hair and betray our own culture and values in order to achieve a "white privilege" defined by what others are denied is telling enough. We should also be cautious not to define our people's situation in America according to a temporary - and potentially fleeting - reality. In many Diasporas over the centuries, periods where Jews enjoyed the illusions of privilege and belonging were often followed up by harsh - and in some cases catastrophic - wake-up calls.

The Judean Hammer:  LAVI sounds like a bad cliché of from the late 60’s. Their infantile generalizations are laden with expressions parroting standard liberal notions of guilt. The fact that many Jews may have tried to alter or conceal heritage, religion, or identity, does not mean that we should create a new false identity to cater to liberal multiculturalism. Jew haters will never support Jewish interests, and the attempt to redefine Judaism to obtain support is reprehensible.

LAVI: Our own unique experiences, hardships and traumas should not desensitize us to the pain or struggles of others. We should obviously demonstrate solidarity with and seek justice for those facing very real injustices today. But we should do so not as representatives of white America but as another minority group with different challenges and struggles unique to our own experience.
#DecolonizeJewishIdentity ‪#BlackLivesMatter ‪#BrownLivesMatter‪#SemiticLivesMatter ‪#NewGenerationNewConversation

The Judean Hammer: We Jews should do what all self-respecting people do, and what the great Rabbi Meir Kahane noted early on in his activist career. We need to attend to our own house first. And to the extent that there is room to support other just causes, it must always be within the framework of supporting those causes the Torah would deem just.

As such, all decent Jews should unequivocally condemn and oppose the ideology, actions, and the existence of racist groups such as “Black Lives Matter”, as they would towards any group such as the KKK. The ranks of Black Lives Matter all hate Jews (even liberal ones!) and Israel just as their forebears did.  This was recently illustrated when members of the BLM movement came to Israel to support the Arabs and show their Jew-hatred.

BLM’s cause is patently unjust, and it is fueled by the poisonous motives of black race baiters and racist liberals to perpetuate hatred and discontent. As Jews, we should support the police who are ambushed and preyed upon by these racist terrorists in the streets of America, and who remain the lone defense against a race war perpetuated against the rest of America.

I hold no sympathy with bigots of any color, and I am aware of American history. America is not the racist country Obama would have it. Of course racism exists in the hearts of too many diseased people, both black and white. But long before the creation of BLM, statistics proved that black on white violence was far greater than that of white on black, as it has been for some time in America. And let us not venture into the issue of the epidemic of black on black violence, which remains the real threat to blacks.

Black lives matter not at all to the thugs who form the rank and file of Black Lives Matter. These racist thugs care nothing at all for the fractured black family, and the rampant violence within their community that eats up black society. If they did, they would support such righteous people as Colonel Allen West, Sheriff Clarke, Ben Carson, and the noted intellectual Thomas Sowell who exemplify the best of mankind and are best equipped to help blacks in America with their leadership and knowledge. 

But they don’t. They choose the Sharpton’s, the Jackson’s, the Farrakhan’s and the Obama’s. And they overwhelmingly support black hate groups like BLM. And the fact that LAVI would align with such a vile organization which cares nothing for people, be they black or white, is terrifying and tragic. And it shrieks of ignorance.

LAVI has nothing of importance to say to Jews or gentiles, not on matters of Judaism and not on matter of race. They merely perpetuate another form of racism. Liberal multicultural racism which celebrates everything ethnic and demonizes anything with a “white hue” or appears to them as indicative of white colonialism. LAVI often expresses sentiments which would earn them the term racism if the term, black, Sephardic, Asian, etc. was replaced with white. Smart Jews would do well to stay away from such organizations. From a Torah perspective, any man is equal to another provided he retains his Divine image and uses his reason. Evidently, the leadership of LAVI see more kinship with BLM bigots who ambush and gun down cops in the streets, or their mainstream supporters who applaud the thugs who do.

It is a chillul Hashem to allow such grotesque views masquerading as “Jewish” to go unopposed. America is in the middle of a domestic war with Islam run amuck and black racist groups terrorizing the populace. A proper Jewish perspective should be heard. The BLM movement should be destroyed along with the thugs of the New Black Panther Movement, the same for any group that terrorizes people based upon color, ethnicity, or religion.

I am sick of LAVI’s polarizing message trying to drive a wedge between Jews. The Torah has no interest in race. Man is judged by his actions. I am sick of LAVI’s obsession with color. Color is as relevant as one’s shoe size or their choice in movies. Black, white, who gives a damn? Certainly not the rational, thinking Jew.