Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dumisani Washington Exposed (audio post and slideshow)

It never ends. Physical enemies who wish to destroy us in the Islamic/Arab world, and the equally dangerous spiritual predators who want to see Jews embrace "that man". The former are more honest about their intentions. The latter ones throw money at us, smile with brotherly love, and plant their poison roots with the help of foolish/naive/corrupt Jews. And the few Jews who cry out in outrage are vilified and slandered.

If you defend missionaries, you are an enemy of the Jewish people, whether you are Jewish or gentile. Some people cannot get this through their thick craniums. Doing "good hasbara" (whatever that means) doesn't negate one's messianic/missionary activities.

History truly repeats itself. Nevertheless, we continue to pull these pagan temples down, one pillar at a time. Let the guilty scream until their heads burst.

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Important: Click on the arrows below to enlarge the following slideshow presentation to watch in full-screen mode. Feel free to share in order to alert the Jewish public, as well as all righteous gentiles who oppose proselytizing.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dumisani Washington: Enemy of the Jewish People (Slideshow)

*Be patient and allow the 15 second allotment for each slide. Read each slide and see what Dumisani is really about.

What a chillul Hashem that religious Jews actually defend this missionary. Any objective analysis of his church website says it all. Add his friendship and support of notorious messianic lawyer/activist Calev Myers, and his admission (on an old blog) that he was a messianic and you have a no-brainer. Unless you have someone who is compromised in the head or the soul. 

Here is a video of Dumisani Washington's messianic Passover "Seder". Warning: This video should only be watched by those who are strong in their own understanding of Jewish tradition and Torah, and who can appreciate the vulgarity of this brazen usurping of Jewish rituals and commandments, and fusing them with idolatry.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Judean Hammer: Dhimmi Netanyahu

Past reflections on the fictitious country of Jordan, headed by the Hashemite swine "King", Abdullah II, may his name and memory be blotted out:

A younger Abdullah II gets kissed by mass murderer and pederast Yasir Arafat.

Lyin' Ryan Bellerose

"Anyone who disagrees with me is an a@#hat!"
Further reflections on a bad guy on the hasbara scene today, the notorious Bnai Brith token, Ryan Mervin Bellerose. A con-man who spreads lies and eschews civil debate (do the research if you disagree) for insult, and betrays those who helped him in the past. Were he not so odious, he would be fit to ignore. But a man who raises over 21 thousand dollars on GoFundMe on the pretext of writing a book is a man who deserves the microscope. And his leftist "anti-white" routine is vulgar and racist. 

Ryan hurled lies about "The Judean Hammer" and accused us of racism. This we take very seriously. Anyone who reads anything in our platform knows that we oppose any form of racism, and we call people out on both sides of the spectrum. And we mock the soft insidious racism of the left and the multiculturalists, often using humor and sarcasm to highlight a point. But the charge of racism is projection, since Ryan always denigrates and attacks "white people". So the gloves are off with this charlatan, who is feeling the heat as never before.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bnai Brith Bubbies Unite!


Contemporary hasbara (Jewish advocacy) is shameless and undignified. Limp-wristed in thought and in deed. Few organizations illustrate this truism  as clearly as the liberal Bnai Brith. When Lenny Bruce called the Bnai Brith goyish, he knew exactly what he was talking about. 

When they are not bowling, hosting interfaith Passover Seders, advocating for gay rights, or opposing sane policies to keep terrorists out of North America, sometimes the Bnai Brith "reports" hate crimes to the authorities. Naturally, the anti-semites of the world are trembling, knowing that within 24 hours of your call to the Bnai Brith hotline, these great Jewish warriors will send someone to your house to remove the swastika with bleach. This terrifies them immensely.

The Bnai Brith and other mainstream hasbara organizations are a part of the problem, because they impede true Torah solutions and in it's stead, they propagate liberal values. And in the quest to appear universal, they and other like-minded hasbara organizations are obsessed with finding exotic gentile tokens, so that the world won't think that they only care about (or employ) Jews. Because that would be a genuine "shanda for the goyim." 

Naturally they are always on the lookout for the next best thing. Rumor has it that the Bnai Brith is desperate for a real Native-American, but as a rule they take what they can get. Nevertheless, it's hardly an optimal situation for them. And it doesn't help that clever memes (like the one below) are really taking the piss out of the Metis mythos. It's becoming ridiculous. 

In the meantime insiders are reporting that BB is carefully grooming their rising star, "Eskimo Boy". But such projects take time, and Eskimo Boy is but a child. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chief Cry-Baby

They are obsessed with "The Judean Hammer". We are irrelevant, insignificant, and voiceless, yet they listen to our podcasts. Brilliant.

Yet unlike these impotent weaklings we specialize in truth.  Everything is documented and unlike our enemies we don't peddle lies.

They are watching, they are reading, and they are perseverating. People are catching on to the hasbara frauds. It's a good thing.

And the fake indigenous fraud, Chief Crybaby" is pouting again, because people are finally discovering what a bully and con-artist he is. He believes that he can peddle lies and not expect us to expose his true self to the Jewish public. In his tantrum state, he cyber-bullies and threatens. A pleasure to see a petulant man-child whining.

A great and wise man used to say: "Those who can't debate, defame." The faux-indigenous one is seeing red. And nothing could be finer.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bnai Brith Advocacy

A gentile hasbara token mocked my comment on Facebook today, when I referred to the B'nai Brith (his place of employment) as a leftist Jewish organization. This bloated buffoon truly believes that the liberal B'nai Brith is a strong Jewish organization. What world does he live in? Of course this same overweight, Caucasian, formerly Roman Catholic, ignorant, bigoted, sexually frustrated, man-child believes that he is Native-American, and that he understands Judaism better than Jews. Any Jew with a brain in his head understands that the B'nai Brith is as kosher as lobster. But unlike a lobster the B'nai Brith has limp wrists rather than pincers. That is precisely why such organizations collect their gentile tokens. To show the world that they are open-minded and diverse, even if the spectacle is contrived and pathetic. Ladies and gentlemen, the B'nai Brith. Advocates for sin and degeneracy.